In Which Industries Does Pigment Green 7 Find Its Uses?

Uses of Pigment Green 7 in different Industries

Colors exist all around us and are the vibration of lights. Our lives are influenced by them in every way. Life would have been meaningless and boring without pigments, for our choice of clothing to decorations depends on colors. The human is an epicentre that is used to detect colors. Sometimes, the choice of colors depicts our thoughts and personalities or influences actions and emotions.

Pigments are fine particles of the natural or synthetic kind that impart color to a substance. The color of Pigment green 7 is figured out by the light wavelength transmitted or reflected by a material. One can use Pigment green 7 to impart color to a wide variety of materials such as paints, inks, plastics, textiles, automotive paints and coatings, rubber, and so on.

In simple terms, Pigment is a substance used to provide color to material. Pigments are called colorants and include superior properties that make them perfect substances for coloring, providing permanence and stability to materials. Pigment Green 7 colorants also have applications in carbonless copy paper, conductive films, antistatic agents, cosmetics, etc.

Pigment Green 7 colorants have excellent brightness, hiding power, tinting strength, chemical stability, and high resistance to outdoor weathering. Green pigment 7 can easily be dispersed in water or alcohol. One can also mix Pigment with other inorganic colorants and acrylic resin to make the color consistency opaque and long-lasting. Green colorants also comprise additional properties such as superior film-forming, coating, and adhesive factors making them very beneficial in various manufacturing units and industries.

Generally, two types of pigments are available in the market, namely organic and inorganic. The inorganic pigments are made of dry ground substances such as metals and metallic salts, whereas organic pigments are made of carbon chains and rings.

Pigment Green 7 – A primary raw material in various industries

Pigment Green 7 is the most widely used Pigment and is the primary raw substance source in various industries such as ink, paints, plastics, etc. Dhanveen Pigment is one of the most prominent Pigment green 7 manufacturers. We help you make your end products retain their original color and the same appearance as it is for a long period. Let us list out various beneficial properties of Pigment green 7 that makes them successful colorants applicable in various industries:

  • The Pigment green 7 is so lightweight that one can easily transport it from one place to another.
  • Because of its lightweight characteristics, don't add weight to other products when used to manufacture them.
  • Due to its rust resistance nature, it is extensively used in metal industries to maintain metal’s surface beauty for a long time.
  • The Pigment green 7 helps you make the product look aesthetically pleasing and attractive.
  • Green 7 colorant has the well-performed property of lightfastness.
  • It is highly stable and resistant to alkali, acid, and UV rays.

Industrial Applications of Pigment Green 7

Green 7 pigment is widely used in different industries and sectors for various purposes. It is popularly used in coating industries for its excellent properties such as durable lustre, decorative and eye-catchy effect, light resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance, and so on. Let’s explore various industries where green 7 is used:

Pigment Green 7 for coating industries:

We are aware of the fact that appearance, look and feel are the most important factors, and for this reason, it can be assumed that how pigments for coating are necessary in a world full of colors. The green 7 pigment is a non-toxic colorant used in construction materials such as paint, plastic wallboards, etc. The property of high weather resistance makes it perfectly beneficial for use in construction materials. Moreover, the lightfastness ability of the green Pigment does not allow the substance to lose its color very easily in the long run. The green 7 pigments will provide both opacity and durability for coloring materials that do not require brightness. For instance, if you want to make a green color ink for a cartridge in a printer or want to refill your ballpoint pen ink, you should always choose green 7 pigments.

Green Pigment 7 for Aqueous Inks:

The aqueous inks are perfect for both large format printing and can be used in homes, schools and offices. They are termed as one of the safest and the most effective inks on the market. This array of ink provides a great depth of color for everyday use, yet they are not the highest quality inks available in the market. Aqueous Inks are best for printing on penetrating materials like paper. To create a durable finish, aqueous inks need to absorb into the coating. The features of green 7 pigments such as fine particle size distribution, opaque grades, highly transparent pigments, excellent light fastness, and high purity help produce aqueous inks.

Masterbatch and plastic applications:

The insoluble organic and inorganic materials are the colorants added to the polymer base to impart color to the plastic. When exposed to sunlight and artificial lights can adversely affect the productivity of plastic products. Therefore, substances used on surfaces need to be protected from outside lights and UV rays. Pigment Green 7 acts as a shield to protect its usefulness from the adverse effect of sunlight and its harmful rays. It helps maintain the radiant color of the materials obtained from green pigment.

The primary use of pigments is to give colors to substances, whether organic or inorganic pigments. Pigment green 7 uses are multiple in various industries globally. Dhanveen Pigments is equipped with the latest technology and experience; we have everything to yield high-end pigments.